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Get ready for summer!

August is coming and your child need some summertime fun! Discover a collection of creative activities to celebrate the sun:
– designing the great colors of the word
– playing with clay, growing forms and shapes in our creative studio
– we do make our sun summer recipes – we play with fruits and make awesome drinks and decorative deserts. A healthy recipe is a colored one! Everyone involved can learn about what ingredients make a healthy diet
– enjoy our “fitness” calendar. Every day comes with a sporty moment
– outer space – first chapter of our space raid. This summer we’ll center on the sun. Each of us is responsible of a planet…
– summer memories – we can create our selection of this summer by designing  a collage with summer materials: flowers, leafs, painted insects…
– prepare September – awesome educational games based on the phrase syntax and morphology, numbers or missing numbers:)
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